Virtual Partner Summit

Dates: TBD

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Day 1

  5:30 PM -   7:30 PM (CT)     




Day 2

  7:00 AM -   8:00 AM (CT)    

  8:00 AM -   9:00 AM (CT)    

  9:00 AM -   9:30 AM (CT)    




  9:30 AM -  10:30 AM (CT)   




 10:30 AM -  10:45 AM (CT)    

 10:45 AM -  11:45 AM (CT) 



11:45 AM -  12:30 PM (CT)    



12:30 PM -     3:00 PM (CT)   

  3:00 PM -     3:45 PM (CT)  




 3:45 PM -      4:15 PM (CT)     


  4:15 PM -     5:00 PM (CT)


  6:00 PM -     8:00 PM (CT)   

Day 3

  7:00 AM -     8:00 AM (CT)     

  8:30 AM -     9:30 AM (CT)  




  9:30 AM -   10:15 AM (CT)    



 10:15 AM -  10:30 AM (CT)  

 10:30 AM -  11:00 PM (CT)  



 11:00 AM -  12:00 PM (CT)


 12:00 PM - 12:30 PM (CT)


12:30 PM -    3:00 PM (CT)

  3:00 PM -    5:00 PM (CT)  

  6:00 PM -    7:00 PM (CT)                     

This is a high level working agenda. Please check back for updates.


Virtual Welcome Reception 

Welcome by sponsors


Virtual Morning Stream Fitness HIIT Class

Breakfast & Email Time

Kick off & Review of Partner Priorities & Focus

Session Speaker: Name Last Name

Title Goes Here

Strategy & Channel Priorities

Session Speaker: Name Last Name

Title Goes Here


Partner overview

Session Speaker: Name Last Name

Title Goes Here

Leveraging Resources

Session Speaker: Name Last Name

Title Goes Here

Lunch (will be provided) & Email Time

Partner update: Next generation

Session Speaker: Name Last Name

Title Goes Here

Customer Testimonial

Session Speaker: To be announced

Future of Business

Session Speaker: Name Last Name

Title Goes Here

Dinner Experience with Executive Chef

Ingredients for Family Dinner will be provided

Join to learn from Executive Chef

Morning Yoga Streaming - Rooted Class

Breakfast with guest speaker

Session Speaker: Name Last Name

Title Goes Here

Vertical Selling

Session Speaker: Name Last Name

Title Goes Here


Partner Update

Session Speaker: Name Last Name

Title Goes Here

Program review  & partner feedback

Session Speaker: Name Last Name

Title Goes Here

Channel Sales Panel

Session Speaker: Name Last Name

Title Goes Here

Lunch & Email Time (lunch provided)

Team Activity - Build a Bike for a good cause

Enjoy a Family Dinner on us


Welcome Reception


Topa Mountain Virtual Wine Tasting 

Experience Overview


You will join your "Partner" host virtually for a guided experience by wine enthusiast Jackie Franklin. You will taste 3 wine varietals.

All perishable items for this experience will be shipped as per your registration.

Menu Selections


Welcome Reception Options

Wine Lover's Cheese & Charcuterie

  • Cabot Clothbound Cheddar a slightly tangy but still incredibly well-balanced with a nutty sweetness.

  • ​​Manchego - Buttery, Nutty, Grassy, Rich & Yummy… All of these describe Manchego!

  • ​​Schnebelhorn - Is a cow’s milk cheese is made in the Swiss Alps, pungent sharpness, wrapped up in a firm, creamy bite.

  • ​​Black Lava Cashews are dusted with Hawaiian Black Lava sea salt, which uses charcoal for an exceptional flavor and an exciting look.

  • ​​Piave Vecchio nutty, fruity and bold, this cheese has the perfect amount of crunch and delicious notes of pineapple.

  • ​​Mild Soppressata is an Italian classic; rustic and savory. A traditional Italian salami produced with regional Italian spices and the old-world technique of slow air-curing for at least 45 days.

  • Marcel Petite Comte from the renowned Fort St. Antoine aging vault, these beguiling flavors of hazelnuts, heavy cream, fried onions, spring berries, cut grass, wet earth and straw come to life.

  • 1605 Manchego sings with sweet juicy notes of pineapple and warm flavors of toasted brioche.

  • L’Amuse Gouda distinctive roasted hazelnut and burnt caramel flavor, with a velvety texture.

  • ​Cravero Parmigiano aged in Bra, Italy since 1855 a dessert cheese, a snacking cheese and one to treasure – it is not a Parmigiano for grating!

  • ​Fig & Acacia Honey Jam pair with cheese or as a glaze for roast pork or chicken, or as a delicious condiment for cakes, jelly rolls, tartlets & pies.

  •  Sea Salt Crostini The absolute perfect vessel for the cheese, meat, or dip of your choosing. Twice-baked for maximum crunch, with the perfect balance of olive oil and sea salt.

Legendary Cheese Collection

Lobster Quesadillas

The standard of Mexican fare gets the gourmet treatment with these brilliant quesadillas. Each piece is oozing with sweet lobster and fresh pico de gallo, all enveloped in creamy, authentic Monterey Jack cheese.


  • Eight 6" quesadillas

Lobster Quesadillas.jpg

Activity Sessions


Morning Workout Stream - Day 2

HIIT Class


The workouts have been designed from the ground up to extract the maximum amount of effort in the least amount of time from participants. HIIT workouts make extensive use of the Tabata protocol. The term Tabata is derived from the name of its inventor Dr Izumi Tabata, who conducted extensive research during the mid 90’s into the effects and benefits of High Intensity Interval Training, on anaerobic capacity.

In order to provide an experience that is truly “epic” and without comparison this HIIT workout combine elements of the following four exercise principals :

  • Core Stability

  • Aerobic Output

  • Explosive Strength

  • Balance and Coordination


Benefits of Virtural Team HIIT Class:

  • Reduce employee stress levels, maximize engagement, and increase job satisfaction

  • Increase focus, improve morale, productivity, motivation and performance

  • Minimal barriers to entry as workouts take place virtually and can be joined anywhere where there’s an internet connection

  • Workouts are bodyweight only and can be completed in the living room

  • Time efficient and very effective - participants burn on average a minimum of 500 kcal in under 30 minutes

7:00 AM - 8:00 AM

Terms & Conditions:

My registration confirms that I agree to the following terms:

  • My participation is not mandatory and is of my own free will.

  • I acknowledge I am physical fit to participate.

  • By my participation, I acknowledge and understand the dangers and risks inherent in such activities related to preparing food, consuming food, consuming alcoholic beverages and working with tools and appliances.

  • I represent and warrant that I am at least 21 years of age. Upon delivery or pickup, as applicable, I shall present a government-issued identification card, evidencing my age, consistent with applicable legal requirements. I also agree that delivery of the alcoholic beverages may be withheld if I appear or the recipient of the delivery appears intoxicated when receiving delivery of such products. If I do not comply with these terms, I agree that the alcoholic beverage(s) will not be released, and you may forfeit the cost of such beverages. I further agree to not distribute alcoholic beverages to any persons under the age of 21 years of age nor partake in any illegal activities while under the influence of alcoholic beverage(s).


I hereby waive, release, and discharge Events by M, Ltd., Sponsor,  Vendor Company(s) and its instructors, officers, and employees against any and all claims, demands, action or causes of action for costs, expenses or damages to personal property or personal injury, or death, which may result from my participation in these activities.

By selecting the "Register Now" button, you are signing this agreement electronically.

You are stating you have read and understood the terms stated above.

You agree your electronic signature is the legal equivalent of your manual signature on this agreement.

Virtual Support

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Cell: 847-924-0078

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