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Your selected golf expert will participate in a 30-35 minutes of moderated Q&A with moderator.

Followed by: 

20-25 minutes audience Q&A .

Tee off with one of the following Golf Experts

Image by Courtney Cook

Joe LaCava

Tiger Woods Caddie

A caddie for almost three decades, Joe LaCava has worked with golfers like Fred Couples, Ken Green, Davis Love, Justin Leonard, Mike Hulbert, John Cook, and Dustin Johnson.  When Tiger Woods parted ways with Steve Williams, his caddie of 13 years, he sought out the most famous bagman on the greens, aka Joe LaCava.  In 2011, LaCava made his debut as Tiger Woods’ caddie at the Frys.com Open. 


When injuries and personal struggles sidelined Woods, LaCava received several offers from other pros.  But he stuck by Tiger and waited for his renaissance.  The relationship between a pro golfer and caddie consists of more than toting a bag, advising on club selection and reading the course.  For LaCava, it’s reading how Woods looks, how he’s feeling after his many surgeries and anticipating his every request


His patience paid off when Tiger made a legendary tee shot on the 12th hole at Augusta National Golf Club and won the 2019 Masters.   Their celebration spelled out their relationship: a few playful, “Can you believe it?” jabs — and then a long, tight hug.  “We did it!”, Woods told LaCava.  Not “I did it.”  It was the second historic win LaCava witnessed at the same tee in his career.  Twenty-seven years earlier, he was again at the 12th hole with his then-boss of two decades, Fred Couples, who made the same shot and won the 1992 Masters.  LaCava said that was one of the best memories of his entire career.  


When he’s not globetrotting and reading greens, he spends time in Connecticut with his family and catching up on his favorite sports teams like the Rangers and the Knicks.

Tee off with one of the following Golf Experts

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