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Thursday, September 24th, 2020

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Thursday, September 24, 2020

10:45 AM -  11:30 AM (CT)    

11:30 AM -  12:00 PM (CT)    

12:00 PM -    1:00 PM (CT)    


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  4:45 PM -    5:00 PM (CT) 

  5:00 PM -    6:00 PM (CT)

Virtual Event: The Art of Making French Press Coffee

Kick off

Speaker: Sales Leader - Henry Cubillan

Do more with desktops:

Cost effective alternatives for remote worker enablement

Speaker: OptiPlex Product Group Managers

Michelle Kimbrough & Susan Craig


Efficient workspaces with Dell displays & peripheral solutions

Speakers: Client Peripherals & Displays Product Managers

Kara Scholz & Chelsea Jensen

Dell Premier online experience:

Learn how to automate your procurement path

Speaker: Premier Product Manager - Brian Lillie


2020 Product Portfolio update:

Learn what’s new in features, design enhancements & user experiences

Speaker: Field Marketing Manager - Bob Furrow

Unleash the Modern Employee Experience with the

Microsoft Modern Workplace

Speaker: Microsoft Consultant - Grant Duke


Dell Client Solutions Group Leadership Panel:

Hear from our Sales & BU leaders on what matters to them most!

Speakers: Sales Leader - Henry Cubillan

                 Sales Leader - Jeff Creighton

                 Dell Executive - Rod Arnot

Customer Advisory Breakout

Speaker: Product Manager - Bob Zuber


Happy Hour Event - Virtual Casino Experience

This is a high level working agenda. Please check back for updates.

Virtual French Press Coffee Experience

Image by Mike Kenneally

Virtual Session

The Art of Making French Press Coffee

Your Barista, will lead you and your group with a brief introduction to specialty coffee, as well as some basic seed-to-cup information. All attendees will brew a cup of coffee, going through each step of the process alongside Miranda. Then you'll taste the coffee, using the Flavor Wheel as a guide to compare with your group. To finish, you'll froth up a little bit of milk using the french press and learn how to make an easy cafe au lait at home. There will be plenty of time for questions, discussion, and of course, fun! 

Meet your Coffee Expert: Miranda Haney


Miranda Haney, is a barista and content strategist with Greater Goods Coffee Co. in Austin, TX. Spending most of her adolescence in cafes for the free WiFi and the moody atmosphere (typical theater kid), Miranda finally found herself behind an espresso machine in 2015.


She was a barista and assistant manager for Rise Up Coffee while studying journalism at Salisbury University on Maryland's eastern shore. After college graduation, a few desk jobs, and a pretty dramatic move across the country to pursue her passion for music, Miranda once again found herself slinging espresso in Austin - but this time, it was for real. She traveled to La Cumbre, Colombia to work on a coffee farm for two weeks in 2018, then competed in the 2019 U.S. National Barista Championships in Costa Mesa, California, ranking among the top baristas in the country. 

Each Participant will receive

  • French Press

  • Kettle

  • Burr Grinder

  • A bag of Gourmet Coffee

Virtual Casino Experience


Rules of Play

  • The Pit Boss will manage your evening…providing each player with the same amount of “virtual” chips to begin play

  • Begin play at your table of choice… Blackjack or Roulette

  • Move to another table…surely!  Once a spot is open, jump on over

  • End of play…the one with the most chips – WINS!

Image by Macau Photo Agency

Games of Play



Who Should Attend this Event

Our valued Dell customers who can speak to their end user environment and provide feedback on their desktop solutions.

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