Virtual Wellness HIIT Workout

Virtual High-Intensity Interval Training​ with Certified Personal Trainer and Coach - Jonnie Ellis

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What is a HIIT workout?

The workouts have been designed from the ground up to extract the maximum amount of effort in the least amount of time from participants. HIIT workouts make extensive use of the Tabata protocol. The term Tabata is derived from the name of its inventor Dr. Izumi Tabata, who conducted extensive research during the mid 90's into the effects and benefits of High-Intensity Interval Training, on anaerobic capacity and VO2 max. 

This body weight and bands intensive class was ranked top 10 live streams in the world on Classpass. This workout will have you feeling strong, empowered, and pumped by the end of the class. The instructor will incorporate body weight, plyometrics, and resistance in this fun and challenging HIIT class. This will be a full workout with glute focus!

Trainning with Kettlebells
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Benefits of Virtual HIIT Class

  • Reduce employee stress levels, maximize engagement, and increase job satisfaction.

  • Increase focus, improve morale, productivity, motivation and performance.

  • Minimal barriers to entry as workouts take place virtually and can be joined anywhere there is WiFi connection.

  • Workouts are body weight only and can be completed in the living room.

  • Time efficient and very effective - participants burn on average a minimum of 500 kcals in under 30 minutes. 

Class Logistics

  • After registering, each guest will receive a Zoom link. 

  • A recommended music playlist will be provided to listen along while on the Virtual class.

  • Perform the class in an open space for a full range. 

  • Equipment ideal, but not required - 1 Mini Power Band, and Pull Up Assist Band.

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